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Manufacture tonnelière La Grange

The La Grange cooperage factory is located in the Bertranges forest, in the heart of the prestigious “nivernaise” groves populated with bicentennial oaks. It is in this preserved setting that its craftsmen coopers passionately practice their art of cooperage.

Symbol of exceptional craftsmanship, La Grange barrels are the masterful work of coopers, heirs to excellent know-how, passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Made from the finest oak staves, shaped and rimmed by hand, each barrel is a “hand-sewn” creation ready to age wines from the greatest terroirs. With the ambition to raise its standards even higher, La Grange creates limited editions, set up according to specific and personalized criteria, dedicated to the most prestigious vintages.

The production of the La Grange cooperage factory is unique in a way that the relationship between raw materials and finished products is not the same as in a mechanized cooperage. The handwork, at all stages of production (including strapping and finishing operations such as “guistrage”), indeed creates a special feeling between the cooper and the barrels he makes. The time spent reading the wood and shaping the pieces thus makes it possible to optimize the raw material and create unique barrels with recognized qualities.

La Grange barrels are bent using the traditional fire method, followed by an aromatic toasting to the heart, long and even, which reveals all the organoleptic qualities of the oak.

Our craftsmen coopers thus ensure the respetc of a barrel manufacte according to the methods of yesteryear while bringing their contemporary creativity.



Alexandre, Dany, Antoine and Romain… Four coopers, all passionated, are currently working on the production of La Grange barrels: Alexandre, with a first cabinetmaker experience, was trained by Xavier Dupuis *. Dany, Antoine and Romain joined Tonnellerie Berthomieu / Ermitage between 2006 and 2015 before joining La Grange in 2019.

For Alexandre, it was a meeting in his childhood that led the young man to cabinetmaking and then, attracted by the technical nature of barrel making, to cooperage. As for Antoine, Dany, and Romain, they were lucky enough to have a cooperage in their area, the Tonnellerie Berthomieu / Ermitage, which allowed them to discover the profession for which they have developed a true passion over the years.

*Craftsman cooper for more than 30 years in the workshops of the Charlois group, Xavier has participated in the development of the activity of the La Grange since its creation in 2016. He has notably worked on the design of the Phi barrel, whose proportions , calculated according to the mythical golden ratio, would provide the ideal contact surface between the oak and the wine … The tasting results prove this adage right! …

Mickaël Mariaud, “Compagnon du devoir et du tour de France”, put his tools at La Grange for a period of one and a half years to complete the training and knowledge of the coopers of La Grange cooperage. Alexandre, Antoine, Dany and Romain thus benefit from his experience and from individual support, depending on each individual’s background, in order to perfect their mastery of the techniques, gestures and know-how of cooperage art.

The La Grange cooperage factory therefore dedicates its activities to the production of exceptional barrels that showcase all the aromas of oak for the aging of the greatest wines in the world!

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