The 2019 edition of the Saint-Vincent Tournante de Bourgogne took place this year in Vézelay on January 26 and 27. Created in 1938 by la Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, the Saint-Vincent Tournante has been celebrating for more than 80 years the Burgundy appellations which, in turn, invite themselves on their terroir for the biggest festival of winemakers in the region.

The very recent Village Vézelay appellation, comprising 256 hectares spread over the municipalities of Vézelay, Asquins, Saint-Père and Tharoiseau, had the honor to organize the event that took place this year on the “eternal hill” of Vézelay, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1979. These two days, punctuated by the parades of the Confréries de Bourgogne and the enthronements of new members, attracted more than 25000 people gathered around the passion of wine, traditions and terroirs.

Tonnellerie Berthomieu joined the event by presenting a demonstration of cooperage to the public and by providing some manufactured products, symbols of its know-how of excellence.