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The barrels

Bordeaux 225 L
Burgundy 228 l barrels
Special barrels
American oak barrels

Tonnellerie Berthomieu also propose a range of American oak barrels made from a selection of top quality American staves that have been naturally seasoned in the open air. For these barrels Berthomieu uses its traditional ‘signature’ method of steam bending.

Vinification intégrale®

If Tonnellerie Berthomieu has chosen to offer the Integral Winemaking method, (Vinification Intégrale®) it is because this system has proved itself for over ten years.
Tested since 2002, this technique has been significantly developed, improved and simplified, and is today considered a reference. It allows the winemaker to obtain smoother, fuller, richer and more complex wines, with greater aromatic precision and silkiness on the finish.
A series of accessories has been developed to simplify this type of vinification to a maximum whilst reducing costs.
Barrels equipped with the Vinification Intégrale® system can easily be transformed into traditional maturing barrels (simplified dismantling and installation of replacements kits). The high quality stainless steel vinification equipment can then be remounted on a new barrel to commence a new cycle of Vinification Intégrale®.

Tonnellerie Berthomieu is the exclusive supplier of this equipment.

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For further information please contact your Berthomieu representative or call: 03 86 69 62 79