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The House

The cooperage

From the tree to the barrel, a 100% integrated production chain.  

Created in 1906, Tonnellerie Berthomieu has formed part of Charlois group, since 2006, the only cooperage group whose production chain is entirely integrated, from the management of the oak forests to the finished product. With more than 350 years of experience in the forest, the force of the reputation of the Charlois group, its intimate knowledge of oak, and its expertise are rare assets.

Established in the Nivernais region, one of the most renowned forests in France for the quality of its oak, Berthomieu’s strength lies its unique pre-toast steaming method and its selection of wood from the great forests.     

All year long, buyers roam the French forests in search of the finest oak trees that will be used for making the barrels in which fine wines and spirits will be aged. Painstakingly, they will evaluate one by one the oaks that have been selected according to a strict management plan, designed to ensure sustainability, forest regeneration in the respect for biodiversity


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The house